#Oceanography | Applications

#High Seas Treaty | United Nations

#SailDrone | Oceangoing Autonomous Surface Vehicle

#Data Cosmos | MultiSatellite Data Platform | Open Cosmos

#Navy | Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (CNMOC)

#Bigelow Laboratory For Ocean Sciences In Maine | Independent, nonprofit research institute

#Bermuda Atlantic Time Series Study | Collecting data on hydrographic, chemical, and biological parameters throughout the water column at multiple sites within the Sargasso Sea

#Argo | Collecting information from inside the ocean using a fleet of robotic instruments that drift with the ocean currents and move up and down between the surface and a mid water level | Floats (instruments) spend almost all their life below the surface | Observing ocean data related to climate change

#European Space Agency(ESA) | AIDMAP | AIR SOS | BLUE | DL4PlasticLitter | DOLPHINN | HyperDrone | MARLISAT | MUSS2 | Ocean Scan | Plastic Litter Project

#MDI | High Powered Optical Instruments On Floats

#University Of Technology Sydney In Australia | Research

#OceanCleanup | Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) cleaning and analysis

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#WWF | Halting and reversing biodiversity loss | Conserving land, freshwater and ocean globally | Protection of intact ecosystems | Tackling unsustainable production | Eliminating subsidies harmful to nature | Reducing the unsustainable footprint of production and consumption

#Aqualink | Ocean conservation technology | Autonomous Surface Vehicle(ASV) kit | ROS | Pixhawk | NVIDA Jetson GPU | Solar powered smart buoy

#Seakit International | MaxLimer | Uncrewed surface vessel

#ESA | Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer | Ganymede | Callisto | Characterisation of the ocean layers and detection of putative subsurface water reservoirs

#University of California Santa Barbara | High Seas Treaty

#Pew Charitable Trusts | High Seas Treaty

#Marine Conservation Institute | High Seas Treaty

#Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) | High Seas Treaty

#OceanCare | High Seas Treaty

#Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education (COARE) | High Seas Treaty

#BirdLife International | High Seas Treaty

#IUCN | High Seas Treaty

#World Economic Forum | High Seas Treaty

#High Seas Alliance | High Seas Treaty

#Princeton University | Archeoligical Oceanography

#EuroGOOS | Operational Oceanography

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing

#NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Ocean observations from space | The rate of sea level rise is increasing | NASA Sea Level Change science team | CNES | Annual sea level observations and future projections | Climate change is melting Earth ice sheets and glaciers | Measurements of sea surface height

#U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | Radar altimeters producing more precise measurements of sea level | Observations from coastal surface based sources

#CNES | International Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission | Measuring the elevation of nearly all the water on Earth surface | Providing insights into how ocean influences climate change and the water cycle; how a warming world affects water storage in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs | Ka band Radar Interferometer (KaRIn) instrument

#University of Rome, Italy | Thule High Arctic Atmospheric Observatory in Greenland | Dirigibile Italia Arctic Station run by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in the Svalbard Islands

#World Meteorological Organization | Marine heat waves research

#UK Marine Biological Association | Marine heat waves research

#UN climate science body IPCC | Marine heat waves research

#Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute | Marine heat waves research

#US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | Marine heat waves research

#Rio de Janeiro State University in Brazil |Distribution of elements and nutrients that impact quantity and quality of phytoplankton in oceans

#São Paulo University | Bio-optics oceanography

#Maine In-situ Sound & Color Lab at the University of Maine | Statistical technique analyzing several variables—all the colors observed by MODIS—at once

#Advanced Navigation | AI-based marine navigation systems | AI-Based underwater navigation solutions and robotics technology | Hydrography | Underwater acoustic positioning solutions | Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) | Inertial navigation systems (INS) | Sidney, Australia

#SEA.AI App | Detecting floating objects early | Using thermal and optical cameras to catch unsignalled craft, floating obstacles, containers, buoys, inflatables, kayaks and persons over board

#Anybotics | Workforce App | Operate ANYmal robot from device | Set up and review robot missions | Industrial Inspection